ShareFile is a Private Cloud solution that is simple to use, secure and mobile. It enables your business to reduce the risk of data leakage, while increasing productivity.

Mobile device policies (i.e. BYOD) may not have been formalised, but employees are still using their own devices and consumer tools to store and share sensitive corporate data. ShareFile gives employees a better way to collaborate, and organisations better control over their data.

ShareFile is the next generation file server to empower users in the mobile age. Employees who use ShareFile will be more productive more of the time. Business information can be accessed in the office or on the run using their iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and a number of other devices. Employees can show customers the latest sales collateral without having to wait for an email, or work on urgent reports or sales bids on the run.


Each ShareFile uses 256 bit encryption and resides on your own Private Cloud. You control who has access and for how long. Audit logs capture every action.

Data leakage

Do you know where your data resides? Employees are already using consumer services such as Dropbox and Box.com to share confidential corporate files.

Enable mobile devices

It doesn't matter how many devices you have or whether you use Mac or a PC, we have developed apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OS, Windows, Blackberry and more.

Increase productivity

Don’t wait for files to be emailed. Utilise file notifications and work more collaboratively to deliver faster.

Enterprise class

Our service is enterprise-class from the hardware through to the software. It is highly available and built on infrastructure from leading vendors.

Online or offline

Each time you drop a file onto your ShareFile it’s synced to your Private Cloud and all your chosen devices. Access your files from anywhere at any time.

Remote wipe

Left your iPad at the pub? Don’t worry, we can track the location of your device if someone has picked it up and can remotely wipe your FileShare.

Reduce costs

Reduce CAPEX cost by enabling BYOD and cutting storage requirements through less duplication. Reduce OPEX costs by consolidating all file transfer tools (e.g. FTP) onto one platform.

Document management

Documents stored on USB drives, employee computers, file servers and email? Why not manage all documents centrally, so your whole team has access to the latest collateral.

Version control

Has a team member accidentally deleted a file? Don’t worry you can restore a version from the last 30 days at the touch of a button.

Onsite or offsite

Businesses change, so if you need to move from an offsite to an onsite ShareFile solution, or vice versa we can make it happen. We can even integrate ShareFile with your existing Active Directory.

Local Point of Presence

We have data centres across Australia, so you can choose which State your ShareFile resides within.