According to Gartner, IT Market Clock for Storage, 6 September, 2011, the growth rate of data is 40% to 60%; but for unstructured data in the enterprise, the growth rate can be up to 80% and is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and protect. Our Private Cloud Storage solution is dedicated and designed to help organisations effectively deal with rampant data growth.

Storage is complex to administer and management of storage is expensive, which is why we have local experts at hand. Our talented storage team ensure that we conform to the strictest service levels.

Our solution is enterprise-grade and highly optimised. Not only is it phenomenally fast and highly secure, but also extremely reliable.

Our solution is designed to be provisioned on-demand, so you can stop wasting time continually justifying capital expenditure on regular storage upgrades. By switching to our monthly pay as you grow model you can invest more time and money in growing your business.

We have storage hubs distributed across Australia, so you can be confident that we can accommodate your growing data needs. It’s simple, how much storage do you need?

On-demand storage

Data in the 21st century is growing ridiculously fast. Why try and predict how much capacity to buy when you can get us to provision storage as you need it.

Access to storage experts

Need some extra help? Our team of Lazu Consultants are available to lend a helping hand or answer any tough questions.

Reduce CAPEX

Stop spending your time continually justifying capital expenditure on upgrading storage. Our monthly fee structure enables you to free up CAPEX to invest in other parts of your business.


We use enterprise-grade storage and our storage experts have optimised our solution to achieve maximum Read/Write performance.


Don’t lose valuable IP! Secure your data in our ISO27001 certified storage hubs.


Because our solution is optimised you can use it to run databases, web applications, backup, disaster recovery, or simply as your local file server. The choice is yours.

Offsite replication

For ultimate peace of mind, you can replicate your data to one of our many storage hubs throughout Australia.

Big data

Our solution is scalable, so you can store as much data as you need for as long as you need it.

Easy on, easy off

Contract negotiation and migration consume time and resources. Our contracts are simple, and we have a variety of migration tools to make it easy for you to join, and leave, although we’re confident you’ll stay with us.

Data sovereignty

We have multiple storage hubs across Australia, so you can be confident that your data remains in the State you choose.

Unified storage

Different types of files and data from different sources? No worries. Our storage solution supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs, as well as NFS and CIFS NAS. It’s an all-in-one solution.


It’s no secret, compression can dramatically reduce storage requirements. We use this innovative technology and pass the cost savings onto you.