Product Overview

Our Private Cloud Servers enable you to split your dedicated compute and storage resources the way you want - it’s easy through our automated service portal.

We know how important security and reliable performance is to you, that’s why we provide you with dedicated compute (e.g. entire blades) and storage volumes. Your Private Cloud resides behind our enterprise grade network and security infrastructure. All configuration follows best practice and we are independently tested periodically.

Because we use a standardised architecture across all our Cloud Servers, we can provide you with a DR service for your Private Cloud, or if you relocate your business, we can move your data to an equivalent configuration in another State.

You won’t waste valuable time negotiating contracts and migrating to our Private Cloud Servers. Our contracts and migration tools make it easy for you to join and leave, although we are confident that you will stay with us.


SLA’s are important for your Private Cloud Servers, so we dedicate blades and HBA’s for your exclusive use, giving you the best possible performance.


Choose how you want to arrange your dedicated environment based on your business needs.


Our network and security infrastructure configuration follows best practice and is independently tested periodically.

Enterprise grade

We use enterprise-grade software and hardware, are completely transparent about the technology that underpins your Private Cloud, and guarantee the full computing power and storage you subscribed to.

High availability / DR

Our infrastructure is redundant at every level; network, compute and storage. We also have data centres across Australia, so we can provide disaster recovery services.

Service portal and automation

Our service portal is focused on your needs. Not only does it have a great dashboard, so you know how your systems are running, but you can also automatically provision servers at the touch of a button.

Predictable monthly cost

We understand that it is difficult to invest in growth during tough economic times, but with our monthly payment structure you can free up CAPEX to invest in growing your business.

Data sovereignty

We have multiple data centres across Australia, so you can remain confident that your data remains in the State you choose.

World class data centres

Our data centres hold international standard security ratings, ridiculously high power density, super-efficient cooling and power supplemented by one of the largest solar panel grids in Australia.

Easy on, easy off

Our contracts are simple, and we have a variety of migration tools to make it easy for you to join and leave, although we’re confident you’ll stay with us.

Access to Consultants

Need some extra help? Our team of Lazu Consultants are available to help you develop your cloud strategy further, or answer any complex questions you may have.