Lazu’s Offsite Cloud Backup solution enables you to backup your file servers, databases, VMs and just about anything else from your data centre to ours. It’s designed so you can concentrate on managing your production environment, leaving us to ensure that your data is protected.

At Lazu we are always looking to innovate and change the game. Our solution is vendor agnostic, uses smart technology such as compression and de-duplication, and is tapeless. This means that your existing environment doesn’t need to conform to strict requirements, we don’t need your data to be in the same data centre as ours, your backups take up less disk space, and we can recover your data fast!

Our solution is designed with security and compliance in mind, so we can retain your data for as long as you or the regulators require, within a dedicated Private Cloud environment. In fact we can consolidate all your old backups onto your Cloud, so you can get rid of your old tapes and backup infrastructure.

By using our Offsite Cloud Backup you can dramatically reduce your CAPEX and OPEX costs and gain access our suite of Cloud products. Welcome to the Lazu Cloud.

Data regulation

Auditors testing compliance? Using our solution you can retain your data for up to 7 years and go back to the date requested at the click of a button.


At Lazu we love changing the game. Because our service is tapeless, restoration times are ridiculously fast. That means no more waiting around for tapes to be found.

Cut costs

Administration and replacement of backup infrastructure, tape management and logistics, it all adds up. We modernize storage and help you cut costs dramatically.


We have all bases covered - your Offsite Cloud Backup solution is dedicated and the link between your data centre and ours is encrypted.

Backup successful

You can be confident that your backups will run successfully, because our technology solution is designed for the enterprise, is proven in worldwide use and undergoes rigorous reliability and performance testing.


We can backup your virtual machines, databases, file servers, and just about anything else. No need to shutdown servers or stop services, our solution is non-intrusive.

Secure off-site backup

We have secure data centres across Australia, so we can guarantee that your production and backup environments are hundreds of kilometres apart – even in different States!

Access to suite Cloud products

If you choose our Offsite Cloud Backup we can give you access to our full range of Cloud products. Welcome to the Lazu Cloud.


It’s no secret, compression can dramatically reduce storage requirements. We use this innovative technology and pass the cost savings onto you.

Decommission infrastructure

Handover all your old tapes, DVDs, and USBs. We can consolidate all your old backups onto your Cloud, so you can get rid of your old backup infrastructure.