Product Overview

Our next generation Managed Co-Location service physically and logically secures your IT systems. Our state of the art data centres are located across Australia, so you can access your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each centre follows strict security protocols, giving you complete peace of mind.

At Lazu, we are passionate about simplicity and choice. If you choose Managed Co-Location, we provide high speed network access, routing, firewall and switching, which means you can have your systems up and running as soon as they are racked.

Once you are up and running, our responsive Australian based team can monitor and manage your network, or you can choose to use your own team.

Our data centres are secure, robust and safe environments, with ridiculously high power density and super-efficient cooling. We can easily provide you with additional racks, cages, or any other configuration you choose.

By choosing Managed Co-Location you gain access to our suite of cloud products, so if you have an urgent requirement for additional compute, storage, backup or network we can provide you with what you need at the touch of a button.

Secure data centres

Our state of the art data centres are ISO27001 certified and include features such as bullet proof glass and biometric access controls.


We are passionate about making it easy for you to engage with us. Contracts, installation, migration, management, support - it’s all very quick and simple.

Local point of presence

We have data centres across Australia, so you can choose to store your data close to home.

High speed network

We have redundant enterprise grade links into all of our data centres, so you can access your data fast and without interruption.

Capacity to grow

If you are running out of DC space why invest your own capital? We can provide you with a rack, a cage, or any other configuration you need.


Because we provide the routing, firewall and switching, your CoLo Centre can be rapidly provisioned, so you can hit the ground running, no matter how large or small your request.

Access to Cloud

If you choose Lazu’s Managed Co-Location service you will gain access to our suite of Cloud products, which means you can add network, compute, or storage, whenever you need.

“Green IT”

Our data centres have ridiculously high power density, super-efficient cooling and power supplemented by one of the largest solar panel grids in Australia.

Access to Consultants

We have a team of Infrastructure Specialists available to assist no matter how complex your query.