Product Overview

Our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution is your technology insurance policy – TechInsure.

Forget about building you’re your own dedicated environment and wasting money on power, cooling, servers and storage for an environment that is barely used. Pay us a monthly fee to ensure you are disaster-ready and then pay an excess when, or if, an actual disaster occurs.

Our solution is flexible. It doesn’t matter if your systems are physical or virtual, NetApp or EMC, on our cloud or within your own data centre, our solution is built to be flexible because we know that no two production environments are the same.

Our standard offering is a warm environment with a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 8 hours; however, our solution enables us to provide you with a hot solution with a RPO as low as 30 minutes and a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as low as 30 minutes.

The RPO and RTO you choose is directly related to your risk appetite, which is directly linked to your monthly payment and excess – just like an insurance policy should be.


At Lazu we love changing the game. Our solution is commercially attractive because it is an insurance policy. Pay us a low monthly fee and only pay an excess when, or if, you enter into a disaster scenario.

Tight RPO’s

Our solution supports synchronous replication, but we know this is not feasible for all of our customers. That’s why we offer Async DeDup - with this technology your RPO can be as low as 30 minutes.

Physical or virtual

100% of your environment is not going to be virtualised, but that doesn’t matter to us. Our solution is compatible with physical or virtual servers and is application aware.

A variety of RTO’s

We can cater for a range of Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). As a standard our solution is warm, but if you need something that is hot, just ask!

Reduce wasted resources

Servers, storage, power, cooling. Stop wasting money on a dedicated environment that is barely used. Take advantage of the economies of scale that come with cloud to reduce your costs.

Your site or ours

It doesn’t matter if you already use our cloud platform, or if your system resides within your own data centre. Our solution is compatible.

Vendor agnostic

Our solution frees infrastructure from vendor dependency. It doesn’t matter if you use NetApp, EMC, or Hitachi, our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution is compatible.

Geographic separation

We have data centres across Australia, so you can ensure that your production datacentre is in a different State to your disaster recover data centre.


Included. We will bring up your systems at least once per annum, so you can prove that we are disaster ready.


Our solution is non-intrusive, which means that it won’t adversely impact your production environment.

Pay-as-you grow

Don’t spend additional CAPEX buying servers for your DR environment. Pay monthly, pay-as-you grow and invest money saved in growing your business.