Product Overview

Our Cloud Desktop solution is secure, fast and highly scalable. We’ve designed our solution with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in mind.

Employees will be able access their cloud desktop from almost any device, anywhere, at anytime. That means employees will be more productive and organisations will mitigate against the risk of travel disruption caused by natural disasters.

With a centralised solution, support and maintenance becomes ridiculously easy and organisations avoid needing to plan for capital-intensive refresh programs.

Employee morale will be high as they will be able to use their sexy smart devices rather than the “brick” handed to them by the IT department.

What we are most proud of is that we have not compromised on user experience. Our desktops are persistent, so users are delivered a slick Windows 7 experience without losing their personalisations.

We’ve demystified virtual desktop licensing, our solution has been independently security tested, so now it’s over to you. Remember we make it easy on, easy off.

Cost savings

A single desktop version managed centrally means support and maintenance is ridiculously efficient and cheap!


Our Cloud Desktop is secure at every layer. We use enterprise grade hardware and software and then have our solution independently tested to ensure only you have access to your desktop and data.

User experience

Our servers are super fast, so we’re confident that your experience on you virtual desktop will be better than your physical.


Employees enjoy using their own sexy devices, not the “bricks” the IT department hands them. Cloud Desktop is a secure container isolated from the physical device, meaning all data is stored in our Tier 3 data centre.


A desktop is an employee’s window into their organisation. We understand that a desktop needs to be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so our solution is redundant at every layer.

Asset life cycle management

No more capital-intensive refresh programs. We invest in refreshing our server hardware and software, so you are always working on a fully supported desktop.

Business Continuity

Flood, earthquake, volcano, snow, tsunami. Natural disasters frequently disrupt travel and cost organisations millions. Our solution helps minimise the risk of disruption - all you need to access your desktop is an internet connection, a device and a safe place.


Virtual desktop licensing is complex. At Lazu we are passionate about being simple and flexible, so have demystified licensing issues and give you the flexibility to bring your own licenses.


In our opinion there should be no difference between your physical and virtual desktop. Our solution is persistent, so you keep all your personalised settings (e.g., the picture of your child set as wall paper).

Productivity and Collaboration

Because your desktop is accessible from just about any device you can work from any location, at any time. That means you have access to tools within your desktop, such as instant messaging, to collaborate with your colleagues.

Local presence

We have data centres across Australia, so your virtual desktop is never too far away.

Reduce Printing Costs

Now that you can access your desktop from your iPad, why do you need to print? We’ve found that virtual desktop reduces printing costs by at least 30%.