Product Overview

Our Cloud Conferencing solution is about true Unified Communications. We bring audio, video, instant messaging, social networking, word documents, PowerPoints, and other collateral used for communication onto one secure and simple to use platform.

We understand how important it is to grow your business, so we have designed a solution that is high definition and mobile. That means teams can work together more productively from different locations, whether that is from home or the other side of the world.

It’s not just about the productivity gains and cost savings, our solution enables you to engage customers and partners at a click of a button. Your sales force can stop thinking local and start thinking global.

The 21st century is about video and social networking. We have built our solution so it can be embedded into your website and used to stream your latest product release to your fans. You can now reach a larger audience and with our social network plugins your brand can reach millions of Twitter followers and Facebook members – that’s what we call viral communication!

True UC

Voice, Video, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, video streaming, content sharing, voting - we’ve got all bases covered. Welcome to true Unified Communication.

Multiple Users

We know how important teamwork is, that’s why our solution allows you to bring up to 25 high definition video participants into a conference.

Reduce travel costs

Taxi to the airport, check-in, clear security, flight delayed, flying time. It’s scary to think about how much time and money is wasted travelling. Why not jump onto a high definition video conference?


Expand your footprint nationally or internationally. With our solution you can tell your sales team stop thinking local, and start thinking global!

Work from home

Running out of desks? Why spend money moving to a larger office when you can enable your employees to work from home with the same level of collaboration.

Any Device

Gone are the days of having to book a video conference room. With our solution you can conference from your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android.

High Definition

80% of communication is not verbal, so thank god for HD. With HD you can see participant’s facial reactions, so you can ensure that everyone remains engaged.

Embed into website

Product launch? Fashion show? Press release? You can embed our solution into your own site and stream HD video to you customers live.

Social Network

Want to share you instant message comments on Facebook or Twitter? No need to open another browser or use your mobile phone. It’s easy; just click the social network button.


Make training more effective by giving live demos and conferencing around PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, videos and other collateral. The best thing is that you can record it and play it back whenever you need!


After a meeting is done, it is important to understand how engaged participants were. Our data enables you to not only account for meeting attendance, but to also track participant activities.