Why Cloud? Why Lazu?

At Lazu, we know that the future of IT infrastructure, the Cloud, has arrived. Why?

Here are just a few of the benefits that Cloud brings:

  • Rapid deployment and scaling

  • Higher resilience

  • Increased security

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • No capital expenditure

However, we realise that the change from physical, on-premise to Cloud-based infrastructure is fraught with difficulties. Many companies promise the benefits, but few actually deliver them.

So we designed our services based on our extensive consulting experience to match our customers’ needs. We did so using best-of-breed, world-class technology and packaging it in useful products. This approach has made it possible to keep our costs lower than our competitors’.

Moreover, we want to make buying Cloud as easy as buying broadband. But since IT has become so critical to business success, we believe such a switch means we need to talk our customers through channels that they already trust and feel comfortable with.

We know that IT resellers and consultancies are best placed to have conversations on the value of Cloud. We therefore want to involve you in getting the word out about Lazu Cloud and help as many customers as possible make the switch. To this end, we created the Lazu Partner Program.

For further information read our Partnership/Compensation Brochure.

Why partner with Lazu?

Lazu’s Partner Program is aimed at facilitating our customers’ transition from physical to Cloud by empowering traditional technology providers to facilitate the jump. The advantages of Lazu Partner Program for our customers are:

  • Enjoying all the benefits that Lazu Cloud brings, while

  • Buying from a trusted advisor

  • Support at every step of the way.

Our partners benefit from:

  • Higher margins than from hardware;

  • Opportunities for additional consulting work;

  • Access to a product line-up that is future proof;

  • Differentiation over competitors;

  • Continued relationships with customers that might be tempted by the likes of Amazon and Rackspace.

At Lazu we expect the Partner Program to help us spread the word and to leverage our partners’ to reach to as many customers as possible. This way, we stay nimble and focused on what we do best, which is developing and maintaining great Cloud products.

We designed the Lazu Partner Program such that the benefits of Cloud are spread all around. We believe it motivates our partners and their sales representatives to bring Lazu Cloud to the attention of their existing customers and empowers them to win new accounts.

For further information read our Partnership/Compensation Brochure.

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Program details

The Lazu Partner Program is an easy to understand, easy to join program. It is based on three tiers for resellers and an agent sub-program:

  • Resellers: Platinum, Gold, Silver

  • Agents

The compensation plan for the partners is based on the same tiering, and is composed of two parts:

  • A discount off the MSRP at which the partner can acquire products from Lazu

  • A registration bonus which is applied when the lead is registered with Lazu as information about it becomes available.

In order to support our partners, Lazu is also providing them with a number of benefits to make it easier to sell:

  • Training for the partner’s sales people

  • Marketing material

  • Customer referrals

  • A number of presentations for the partner’s customer

  • Support with up-front sales reps’ compensation

  • Opportunity to co-brand the services we provide

  • Large discounts for the partner’s own infrastructure needs (Not for resale, NFR).

A few examples to clarify the compensation plan:

  • A Platinum Reseller registers a lead and then converts it to a sale totaling $100,000. The partner will receive a total of $30,000 (30% of total).

  • Lazu receives an inquiry and forwards it to a Gold Reseller which then converts it to a sale of $50,000. The partner will receive a total of $7,500 (15% of total).

  • A Lazu Agent gets a sale of $30,000 which is fulfilled by a Silver Reseller. The Agent receives $3,000 (10% of total) and the partner receives $3,000 (10% of total).

For further information read our Partnership/Compensation Brochure.

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